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The "Brown R" Tire Belt
The "Brown R" Tire Belt

The "Brown R" Tire Belt

This belt is one of a kind and showcases the unique wear profile of the tire it was made from. We source all our tires from local bike shops then hand cut, sand and wash them to remove any dirt or oils. Keeper strap (or belt loop) is made from the side wall of tires. Each belt is handmade in our workshop in Berlin, Germany.

This belt is created from a rare brown tire.

Buckle: Fine Italian Steel

Width: 40 mm - 1.57"

Lenght: Large - M1: 97cm / 38.2 inch

Custom: We can also cut your belt to a custom size. Just give us the M1 measurement of your current belt (the length from the buckle end to the hole you currently use) and we'll prepare your belt exactly how you want it.