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Licorice "dna" bracelet
Licorice "dna" bracelet

Licorice "dna" bracelet

LICORICE is a recycled, creative product family, an environmentally-friendly, attitude changing philosophy. Representing an industrial design, its basic material is metal and plastic waste (bike tube), production is 100% recycling. DNA is part of the original collection of Licorice.

100% handmade, upcycled jewellery out of bicycle inner tubes. DNA is made through a special folding method.
Chain is an antiallergenic and nickel-free metal.

LICORICE product offers creativity, renewed energy and environmental sensitivity.
Customers and consumers of LICORICE products and services vary widely. Purchasers of our products are people or companies who like a raw, sharp but elegant industrial design because of the functional benefits (light material, durable, easily cleaned, waterproof, correctable) or because of our philosophy (upcycling, environmental shaping).
We can do against climate change in small steps, by recycling a bike tube, we stop the growth of our legal and illegal dumps, the pollution of our rivers and streets, floating gargage islands of our oceans. We help our environment.

19 cm lenght deco plus variable chain,but maximum 8cm
1 - 4cm wide

Prices: 10 Euro