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Balkantango "BUCHAREST"
Balkantango "BUCHAREST"
Balkantango "BUCHAREST"

Balkantango "BUCHAREST"

The design of the BUCHAREST wallet is inspired by the comfortable and functional style of 90’s skateboarders. Bicycle inner tubes soon adopt the appearance of silky leather, and with a little time this wallet will mould to the shape of your pocket. Our products are made of recycled bicycle inner tubes. Occasional patches and the printed patterns are unique, so no two items are the same. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Technical Features: weatherproof, four slots for cards, a big pocket for notes - has enough space for your passport, bills, etc., a pocket for coins sealed with velcro
Materials: recycled bicycle innertubes, advertising tarpaulin, YKK velcro
Cleaning: Wipe clean with a wet towel. Do not wash.
Shipping: 1 week to Europe, 2-4 weeks everywhere else.
Designed in: 2007
Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 130 x 110 x 15 mm