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Licorice is a recycled, creative product family, a DIY service, an environmentally-friendly, attitude changing philosophy. The profit oriented activity of the enterprise is creating products, which consist mostly of assesories, exterior and interior itemsm as the product palette can range from smaller objects (basket, plant holders, bagm jewellry) to interior design objects (lamps, chairs, hammocks) and objects with common-useage functions (unique street furniture, playground sculptures).Our enterprise is of public utility, socially sensitive. It is based on a „do it yourself philosophy“ in providing consious upbringing, lectures and services in changing attitudes toward the environment, all in the context of recycling. This is exactly why Licorice can be called unique, because due to its services, its products become more loveable, valid and trustworthy.A Licorice product offers creativity, renewed energy and environmental sensitivity, with a licorice service one can gain „know-how“, specific knowledge base and information together with dexterity and skills.

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