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I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and craft artist from Budapest, Hungary. Mastered graphic design in Budapest, also have a strong passion towards product design. I make handmade design products from upcycled and new materials in my small workshop and with help of competent artisans. My works are with strong sense of sustainability, simplicity, composition and humor.




I was working for long years in marketing industry, creating ads for several different clients, but never felt I can truly believe in what I was making. The message that they want to send to consumers was a big misstatement, they goal was just to sell products without any ethical or environmental commitment. For me this attitude is unacceptable, the constant economic grow in the finite world is going to lead us to a global biosphere collapse.

I run out from this frustrating, greedy world, to take part in creating a more equal, healthy environment, where our kids can live a happy life. First thing is to reduce the amount of waste what we are producing every day by consuming things. The amount of timber can be drastically reduced if we upcycle the furniture what is in perfect condition, just not “trendy” enough. I collect this furniture, preserve the wood parts, retouch it and give a new life to it. Most of the mid-century furniture is created to last for many decades, it is a waste not to upcycle it.

The other inspiration I got from traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi. Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. All of this can be found in a folk culture of many european nations, but it is mainly because they couldn’t afford to buy new things and were forced to fix broken goods.

By fixing broken goods, we are not only saving it not to become a trash, but also protecting our environment from the impact of making new goods and slowing down the economic growth, which in return can stop the climate change.



“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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