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Licorice is an upcycled, creative product family, an environmentally-friendly, attitude changing philosophy. Representing an industrial design, its basic material is metal and plastic waste (bike tube), production is 100% recycling. A Licorice product offers creativity, renewed energy and environmental sensitivity.


Customers and consumers of Licorice products and services vary widely. Purchasers of our products are people or companies who like a raw, sharp but elegant industrial design because of the functional benefits (light material, durable, easily cleaned, waterproof, correctable) or because of our philosophy (upcycling, environmental shaping). We can do against climate change in small steps, by recycling a bike tube, we stop the growth of our legal and illegal dumps, the pollution of our rivers and streets, floating garbage islands of our oceans. We can help our environment.


"Back in the years, in 2013 we found our upcycling label in Hungary and it got the name Licorice (Lakritz on german, Medvecukor on hungarian and probably there are hundreds name for this black anis gum what people either love or hate). It has same effect as our wonderful jewelleries out of bicycle inner tubes, therefore we assigned this name for it. We started reuse all kind of materials, like plastics, textil, metal at the beginning of our recycle activity so long as a bicycle repair workshop moved direct to under our workshop and they had amount of waste of inner tubes. We recognised this magic material what made us totally addict. We cut, sewed, fold, twisted the material until than we created our first prototypes and was born our first collection. After this point all of our friends started to collect used bike tubes and give us them in all kind of unexpected moment, like on the street just at a spontan meeting or in a bar on a birthday party or exhibition opening. So the funny thing that many times we were walking with bag which included at least one bike tubes and of source all landed finally in our workshop. You can not imagine how happy we were, when we found our first “not black” tube and step by step some more red until we could present our “limited red” collection. You know if you are a bit well known in the circle of “gum Professionals” or “upcycling designers” around you, they make you happy with an extreme piece, just like at vinyl collectors if they find a very rare one. So happened that we got a deliver of very special latex
tubes which has powder color. You could say champagne color as well, since we really celebrated on it. Than we made ready our last “skin collection”. It was big success. Licorice products were already pop up in concept stores in Hungary and Germany when we got the opportunity to be present on the Berlin Fashion Week 2016 and we took part in few international upcycling exhibitions worldwide in the past few years. We are working on our new collection at the moment, which is going to be extreme and let place for unusual wear." - explain Szaffi and Buba, founders of Licorice.

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